Train of Thought

Imagine you see someone walking down the street and the moment slows, you think to yourself what it would be like if you went and talk to them. If maybe you’d create a relationship and fall in love, or they’d blow you off, or anywhere in-between. Within that split second of thought you spawn a lifetime, several lifetimes, infinite in possibility. Our perception of time warps and expanse and then is compressed into a second of thought, just like your memory of yesterday doesn’t take a day to think about. You hold onto what seems significant, then you snap back and the moment passes.

Category: Creative
About The Author
- John Larkin is a 21 y.o. London based filmmaker, working as a director and editor. He studied an Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media at Melbourne Polytechnic and has worked on a multitude of different project. Such as, filming and marketing for ad campaigns; writing, directing, and editing for music videos, documentaries and short films; and has a few creative pieces under his belt too. He has a passion for all areas in film and is readily available for domestic and international work.

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